Strange Occasions for the week of August 25th, 2010

We had the new New Avengers book last week, so it is no surprise that this week is slower on the Strange front, but there is still some goodness to talk about.

Strange Tales (Trade Paperback) – This fun collection of stories by some to the best known indie creators contains a story featuring none other than Doctor Strange himself, in a battle for the ages against Nightmare. I liked this book, as you can see by my avatar.

Secret Invasion (Hardcover) – I have to admit, I actually liked most of Secret Invasion. I even enjoyed the resolution, which I know some people had issues with. Oh Deadpool, will you ever cease to be hilarious? My favorite thing about Secret Invasion though is the Skrully Doctor Strange, drawn by Lenil Yu, right on the cover of this collected edition. How awesome is that?

The new X-Factor came out this week as well, but Mordo has fallen by the wayside. If I know evil Mordo though, he will be back to get what he was promised. I will be keeping my eye on this title. He is such a great foil for Strange because he is everything Strange could have been.

When I was in the shop last week I picked up a copy of a random Simpsons comic because my daughters enjoyed the Comic Book Guy: the Comic I grabbed for Strange Occasions two weeks ago. Someone at Bongo likes the Sorcere Supreme, because I was once again met with a delightful surprise…

Simpsons Super Spectacular #11 – When people in the Marvel universe need inexpensive medical advice, even the kind they should be getting from an OB/GYN, they go to Doctor Strange. When people in Springfield need inexpensive medical advice they go to Doctor Nick. It only makes sense that in an issue of the Simpsons comic where they are riffing on the super hero genre that Doctor Nick would have powers of his own. Familiar powers.

Look at those hands! Ditko, eat your heart out. Unfortunately, that was not his Coat of Levitation and hilarity ensues.

And now I have some sad news. Next week I will not be able to make it into my comic shop, let along linger to paw through all the comics. Because of this unfortunate turn of events Strange Occasions will be delayed, and may be passed over all together. To make matters worse, the following week has a holiday on Monday, so new comic day will not be until Thursday the 9th. The good news is that gives you the opportunity to point out any Strange Occasions you happen across next week, just drop them in the comment section and I will happily report them back to you. And please, don’t be shy. Sanctum Sanctorum Comix already writes the best articles on Doctor Strange related news, we can’t expect him to point out everything I miss as well.

If you saw the Sorcerer Supreme Animated Arcanist in any other titles this week please post it in the comments and I will add it to the list.

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5 Responses to Strange Occasions for the week of August 25th, 2010

  1. Crap!
    Gotta find that Simpsons comic now.
    Not sure where I can score one though. My local comic shop is gone.

    And Thanks for the kind words for my site.


  2. Also found DOC shown (in a 1-panel flashback) in ,i>Curse of the Mutants – NAMOR; the First Mutant # 1
    Just a small pic of him with the Illuminati (reprinted from one of the Illuminati issues).


  3. Hey, a question I can answer! The Doc doing a spit take is from Fall of the Hulks M.O.D.O.K which has a great story featuring Doctor Strange in it. You probably saw it the same place I did, On Neilalien’s blog where he linked to an article on CBR that gave previews of the pages without text. Here is that link again, for handy reference.

    Lots of great pics in that story, and it took me way to long to decide between the spit take and the one right above it where he is suspiciously drinking his tea.

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