Not a new post, really.

Man, I never even got around to actually making a header graphic. That thrown together monstrosity sitting at the top of the page is my Ozymandias.

This is not a full on Strange Occasions post, but I happen to have a couple of comics and a couple of hours. I can’t think of any better way to spend them then to tell you about some of this week’s Strange Occasions.

Avengers Academy #10

This issue features Doctor Strange on the cover battling alongside the students of the Academy against some tentacled horror in a warped dimension. Add in the “Magic 101” prominently on the cover and I was hoping for a pretty fantastic showing from Stephen Strange. What he got instead was this:

Yep, that is all of it.

Thunderbolts #154 – The Man Thing is being criticized by government bureaucrats and is in danger of being replaced by a jet due to his unpredictability. Things get even stickier when Jennifer Kale, an old associate of Doctor Strange, kidnaps him and returns him to his native Florida swamps. Good old Ted has made friends in the Thunderbolts though and, after killing an extra-dimensional lizard, decided to return to his artificial habitat. His good will convinces the government that maybe he can be a useful addition to the team, but not without a mystically adept keeper:

Yep. Doctor Strange, Thunderbolt Supreme.

Fear Itself (sketchbook) – Doctor Strange also makes a teeny tiny appearance in the back of a Marvel promotional flyer this week. This doesn’t mean he will have anything to do with the Fear Itself event, but at least he isn’t being completely overlooked.

I want to take a moment to thank everybody for the kind words they have sent my way. I really do appreciate all of it. I enjoy the character of Doctor Strange, and wanted to share my observations of him in a new way. I also thought it would be pretty neat to have a comprehensive chronological reference to his appearances all gathered together in one spot, complete with summaries and pictures. I was right! Unfortunately I do not seem to be the one destined to do that.

Then again, knowing the way these things work I will be given back the mantle in a year of so and all this nonsense will be conveniently forgotten. Until then, May Your Amulet Never Tarnish!

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One Response to Not a new post, really.

    (for as long and as often as you can manage)

    So… what do you MEAN that that is the ENTIRE appearance of DOC in Avengers Academy?!?!
    The solicits made it seem like it was a big Doc-issue!

    Hmmm…. I guess he better be in next ish when they go up against Korvak.
    Doc and Korvac go Waaaaaaay back.

    And yay Man-Thing / Doctor Strange team-up in THUNDERBOLTS.
    (for an issue, until Satana becomes the new mystical Thunderbolt))


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