Good News, Everybody!

Bad news, everybody. Due to poor weather my comics will not be arriving this week. This is bad news for me, but worse for my local comic shop. If only I, like my hero Doctor Strange, could use sorcery to compensate for the whims of the weather.

I had briefly considered going to a different shop in order to maintain my deadline, but decided against it. My CBG is kind enough to let me paw through dozens of books every week trying to get my Strange fix, and because of that I cannot help but be loyal. I will hopefully be able to do this week’s post on Saturday, but it may be as late as Monday. Also remember that next week new comic day is on Thursday, so the post will be delayed then as well. For now, however, let me leave you with this:

This is some of the best writing for Doctor Strange we have seen in a while, so enjoy it.

If you notice any Strange Occasions this week, please post them in the comments. When I do get around to doing the proper entry for this week I will be certain to add them all.

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