Strange Occasions for Wednesday November 24th, 2010

It may be a day or two late, but it is well worth the wait. My friendly local comic shop finally got their books in late Friday evening, but I was unable to make it out there until after work today. It looks like I did not miss much, and the lack of comments on my interim entry seems to confirm this. But Stephen Strange was present this week, and so was Stephen Strange.

Ultimate Spider-Man 150 – This landmark book contains a story where Spider-Man is having trouble with his sense of self. To complicate things for poor Peter Parker he is supposed to write a report for school on the hero who is most influential to him. Of course, this is best portrayed in a montage of the people who have influenced his life that includes Dr. Strange. No, not the one who is actually a doctor but his alternate continuity son Stevie Strange. It is a beautiful two-page spread by P. Craig Russell that I would love to have a larger version of. That’s a hint Marvel Product Development Team.

There is also a small image of Stephen and his buddy Wong on the back of the book mixed into the wraparound collage that makes up the cover drawn by David LaFuente.

Marvel Masterworks Doctor Strange vol. 01 TPB – I had totally forgotten I had ordered this book and it was a delight to find it waiting for me. This volume collects full color reprintings of Strange Tales #110-111, 114-141 and Amazing Spider-Man Annual #2. These are some great stories and some wonderful art. If you don’t already have the hard cover version of this book then you need to go out right now and get this trade. I am having difficulty putting it down long enough to write this blurb.

And with that I leave you to your own private desires for old comics you probably already own several times over in various formats. But fear not, in just a few short days we will have this week’s installment of Strange Occasions. Until then, if you saw the Sorcerer Supreme Classic Conjurer  in any other titles this week please post it in the comments and I will add it to the list.

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