Read em and weep.

Oh folks, I just read issue 6 and we have some stuff to discuss. If you havn’t read Sanctum’s predictions yet, go do so. Many are quite relevant.

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3 Responses to Read em and weep.

  1. Those predictions would be found here:

    Now, I’m scared…. If I came close with even a FEW of my guesses, then we Doc-fans are in for a world of hurt.

    I won’t be receiving a copy to read until tomorrow at the earliest.
    I cant stand the wait!


    • I’ve read some spoilers.

      Wasted potential, pointless fight scenes, zero character motivation, and a predictable ending.

      And we STILL don’t have new “rules of magic”


    • Thanks for posting that link for me. I wrote the above bit from my phone while waiting on the elevator, so not a lot of time for detail. After a meal and a shower I will begin this week’s meager, but significant, Strange Occasions.

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