Strange Occasions for the week of October 13th, 2010

It is a New Avengers week folks, and that means there is at least one Strange Occasion we are going to get to discuss. Also, for the first time really, I will be mentioning a Strange related collectible item.

Dormammu Mini-Bust – This mini bust from Bowen design is awesome. I got to see one unboxed, although unpurchased by me, earlier today and it was really something to look at. The translucent Flames of Regency are really just the icing on this cake.

I Am an Avenger #2– This issue of I Am an Avenger, like the first, had a brief cameo appearance by Doctor Strange. In a story entitled “The Journal of Edwin Jarvis”, written by Paul Tobin with pencils by David Lopez, we find out that the Doc likes sushi when ordering a la carte.

New Avengers #5 – You know when you sit around with your friends or co-workers and you joke about how bad things are, then you start joking about the worst case scenario just to put things in perspective? Imagine Bendis just did that with our speculations on last month’s issue.

I will, of course, present you with a full review of this book on Friday after you have had a chance to read it yourselves and digest its many tidbits. Tune in then, true seekers.

Strange Tales II #1 was also released today, but there was no story with Doctor Strange in it. Which makes me sad. There is a bit with Namor pole dancing though, and the story by the always wonderful Kate Beaton was wonderful, as always. The Halloween issue of Super Hero Squad was released today as well, and I really expected to see something in there. What better place to trick-or-treat than at the Sanctum? Falcon does wear a Doctor Voodoo costume though when they go to visit the Man-Thing, and that isn’t too shabby.

If you saw the Sorcerer Supreme Kleptomaniacal Conjurer in any other titles this week please post it in the comments and I will add it to the list.

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