I think I may have hit my head…

But this preview to New Avengers #5 actually looks pretty good to me. I’m not entirely sure why the Doc would want to track down a group of thugs who, apparently, couldn’t even have stolen the Eye anyways and then beat them up while telling them so. But hey, it was fun and I enjoyed it.

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5 Responses to I think I may have hit my head…

  1. This scene is actually not bad, but…

    When has Strange EVER used Wong in this fashion? Endangering him just to deliver a message does not fit any depiction I can think of. It looks like Bendis is taking a minor part of Wong’s backstory (he knows martial arts) and turning it into his full identity. That would explain his comment about Strange being a “cool magician with kung-fu skills.”

    In fact….

    Oh lord…

    Anyone want to bet BMB will reveal Wong is from K’un Lun?

    (I’ve ranted enough about Bendis’ take on the Eye over on the Sanctum blog to talk about that bit)

    • Oh man, now that you mention it I would bet money that they reveal Wong’s hidden ancestry. It fits in too well with this take on Doctor Strange that Bendis is really trying to convince us is awesome.

  2. I just read # 5 and I have to say…


    (sorry. That came out a bit too loudly)

    Everything I wrote in my comments here (in a previous post) and my own rant on issue # 4 – found here:


    were exactly correct…
    (at least as far as the end of issue # 5. The next issue could reverse it all.
    Damn Bendis and his make-it-up-as-you-go-along story “writing”).

    So, I will take my falsely bloated sense of self-congratulatory jerkiness and cry… because what good is it to be right… when what you’re right about is so terribly WRONG.


  3. I have mentioned it in this week’s Strange Occasions, of course, and will do a more detailed review of it on Friday. I still don’t know what to think about it though. I am going to need some time to think. It is kind of like going to a new artist’s gallery and we are still at the part when we are trying to decide if he is a budding absurdist or just a really crappy artist.

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