Strange Occasions for the week of October 6th, 2010

The Bad news is that my new scanner has yet to arrive, so no new images yet. The good news is that I actually wasn’t able to find Doctor Strange in any of this week’s comics so nothing is being missed. Wait… That’s not good news at all. What with Hell encroaching upon New York City you would think he would get some sort of a mention. At least in:

Chaos War #1 (Nightmare, Doctor Voodoo) – This is a big time supernatural book with gods and heroes battling anthropomorphic manifestations of the primal chaos that is at the beginning and end of all things. That is prime Strange material. Yeah, he is apparently pretty powerless now, but not having the strength or ability to take on foes that threaten the universe has never stopped him before, even during those times when he wasn’t Sorcerer Supreme. This time, however, he is not there. These things are happening in New York, and all the other New Avengers are there, there is even an internal shot of the Avengers mansion where Strange is not present but everyone else is. There are reaction shots from the big guns of the worlds of Mind and Mysticism, but nothing from Strange. Honestly, it seems a bit conspicuous. Maybe there is a reason? Does this story take place in the near future when Strange is spaceing it up with the Hulks? I don’t know. But honestly, Stephen Strange is a hard as nails man of action, and it would take something pretty big to keep him out of this fight. Chaos War #1 was a pretty good book though. I enjoy Pak and Van Lente quite a bit and this book looks like it is going to be every bit as good as The Incredible Hercules was.

If you saw the Sorcerer Supreme Absent Augurer in any titles this week please post it in the comments and I will add it to the list. With images when my scanner arrives.

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