But I’m Talkin’ about Strange.

“He’s still going to be the cool magician with kung-fu skills.”

That is Bendis’ plan for Doctor Strange for the foreseeable future. I have made the decision to not normally link to breaking new articles, Neilalien does that faster and more thoroughly than I ever will, but this was something relevant enough that anybody who  digs Doctor Strange needs to read it. In this interview over at CBR Bendis talks a lot about his plans for the Avengers, the New Avengers, and the Illuminati. And a whole lot about Doctor Stephen Strange. It looks like I, and pretty much everybody else in the comics community, was right in assuming that Bendis was taking away Strange’s toys in an attempt to de-power him, and that included adding power to his easily recognizable items of power like the Eye of Agamotto.

I am such a sucker that things like that line I opened this post with gives me hope I know I shouldn’t have, especially after reading the bit a further on in the article where he talks with sadistic glee about “outing” the Illuminati and making them into complete douchewads.

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One Response to But I’m Talkin’ about Strange.

  1. Anna Maria says:

    As long as the plans involve him being alive I feel like being optimistic. Who knows, maybe the Illuminati will do something useful and heroic some day?

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