Strange Occasions for the week of September 29th, 2010

Tonight’s Strange Occasions is brought to you by my CanoScan 3000F, which is being uncooperative. Did you ever wonder how I made those deliciously low quality scans of my comics that were so blurry and grainy that you just HAD to go buy the book in order to see what was going on? It was all thanks to my 3000F that I bought many years ago on the other side of the world. Tonight, however, the scans do not seem to be coming. Has my scanner finally given up the ghost or have I so corrupted my windows installation that even the mighty 3000F cannot penetrate that miasma of file debris? Perhaps we shall find out in:

Atlas #5 – I have not been following Atlas, but now I wish I had. About the same time that I noticed the Doc floating around in today’s issue I got an e-mail from Wrong Dimension Boy alerting me to a Strange Occasion in last month’s installment. I held off on reading this issue because I think I want to get the whole run now and my shop was missing the first couple issues. This issue features the Eye of Agamotto, and by extension Doctor Strange, as some part of a process that has defended this dimension against a particular alien invasion many times in the past. Maybe. Like I said, I am waiting to read it That is what I could glean by briefly flipping through the pages. Bendis, and therefore the rest of the Marvel Development Team, is really putting a newfound importance on the role of the Eye of Agamotto. It is no longer just the amulet of the first Sorcerer Supreme, and it’s not even just the metaphysical eye of a godlike being any more. There is a great article that was posted today over at Sanctum Sanctorum Comix about the involvement of the Eye in New Avengers #4 and its current role in reality that, let’s be honest, you have already read if you are reading this. While I do not agree with all of the things Ptor discusses in that article (that is a look of guilt and shame on his face and you know it!), he does raise some very interesting points and gives a great mini history of other times the Eye has been wrapped up in similar situations. I will get scans of this, as well as several images pointed out by Wrong Dimension Boy from issue #4, as soon as I have my situation together.

Or maybe the answers lie within the pages of:

Valkyrie (One Shot) – While Val is reminiscing about her time on Midgard there is a montage image showcasing her friends in the Defenders, in particular a Jazz Hands wielding Doctor Strange. This is the part where I show the image then we all laugh and reminisce. Or at least it would be if I weren’t being tormented by my own personal Silver Dagger. I’m talking about you, CanoScan.

But the answers most likely lie hidden deep inside:

Heroic Age: One Month to Live #5 – “But Doctor Strange has absolutely nothing to do with that book,” I hear you say. You are mostly right. This one in particular would have been great to have an accompanying image since it is not a picture of Doctor Strange way in the background of some reused sketch. The panel in question is one where Iron Man, Spider-man, and Wolverine are asking Dennis Sykes, the guy who this story was about, to join the Avengers. Iron Man points out that they had to make the bid before they lost him to another team, then Wolverine quips “Never know when the Defenders will give it another go.” Then we all laugh because nobody loves the Defenders. But that’s not true, is it? Lots of use love the Defenders. Fans AND Marvel decision makers alike. In fact, if the rumors that are floating around the internet can be believed, and I know of no better source of veracity than “teh intertubes”, then the Doctor Strange movie, which is totally happening, will in fact be a Defenders movie. Traveling on this wild wave of supposition we surmise that Marvel will be wanting to reestablish the Defenders franchise. I am going on record as saying this is our first tease of the new Defenders book. Because I don’t know when to shut my big mouth I am going to keep riding this wave. Much like a certain Surfer rides cosmic waves. Coincidence? I think not! In this new Defenders book, which will be a mini series with the possibility but not actuality of going maxi, Doctor Strange will head the occult defense branch of S.H.I.E.L.D. as its Consulting Magician. No longer the Sorcerer Supreme, he will be bitter and temperamental, fluctuating between flashes of brilliant insight that he will pass on to his more able team of adepts, and self-indulgent rages where he bemoans his lot in life. In fact, this all sounds a bit familiar…

Remember folks, you heard it here first. If you saw the Sorcerer Supreme Malingering Metaphysician in any other titles this week please post it in the comments and I will add it to the list.

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