Strange Occasions for the week of September 22nd, 2010

If it weren’t for reprints I wouldn’t have no prints at all. At least I think that is how that song goes. We have been spoiled for a couple of weeks with an abundance of Strangeness, so it is not too surprising that I could not find any new appearances this week. Thank the Vishanti for reprints!

Marvel Super Special #1 – This issue reprints some of the highlights from the recent Marvel Black and White comics, including the Peter Milligan and Frank Brunner story “Melancholia” from The Mystic Hands of Doctor Strange

Deadpool & Cable Ultimate Collection Vol. 03 TPB -This collection reprints Cable & Deadpool 36- 50, but it is issues 46-48 that are within the scope of this article. Doctor Strange, and later on his buddy Jericho Drumm, take Deadpool on a whirlwind dimensional tour (both external and internal) in order to right some wrongs that endanger the fabric of the multi-verse. It was fun.

Marvel Avengers: The Ultimate Character Guide – This hard cover book, published by DK publishing, is a pretty straightforward character guide that seems designed to get us geared up and informed for all the new Avengers titles, which prepares us for the movie. Included are bios for Doctor Strange, Doctor Voodoo, and Dormammu. Oh, and some other guys.

I also picked up a copy of Avengers #5 due to that awesome time line that Ptor wrote about in his article over at Sanctum Sanctorum Comix. I don’t see anything specifically related to Doctor Strange, but the Drumm of Revenge reference gives hope of a fun story that will probably involve Strange, and perhaps will lead to another holder of the Sorcerer Supreme title. The entry lableled “All hope lies in Doom” happens shortly after that…

If you saw the Sorcerer Supreme Reprinted Raconteur in any other titles this week please post it in the comments and I will add it to the list.

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3 Responses to Strange Occasions for the week of September 22nd, 2010

  1. Oooohh…. well… I hope you didn’t get SECRET Avengers for that “time-line” thingee…
    that was in “adjectiveless” AVENGERS (y’know.. the one just labeled “AVENGERS”).

    Not to worry, Secret Avengers is a darn good read anyway.
    And, VALKYRIE is in it, so… you get that.

    Thanks for the link love.

    • Oh man, I must have been more tired than I thought when I wrote last night’s post. I also forgot to mention another Strange Occasion in a book I did not pick up. I will need to make corrections when I get home.

  2. Also, note that in “adjectiveless” Avengers will be the upcoming “Return of the Illuminati” with Doc and company getting taken to task for some secret shenanigans or other.

    And as I noted in that post you linked to, Doc will be in upcoming issues of INCREDIBLE HULKS.

    Doctor Strange aplenty!
    (just… y’know… not in his OWN title.)


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