Two men enter… two men leave?

It is time to announce the winners of the contest, but first: Did you see that promotional art for Avengers #8? It is time for the Illuminati to step in and not only do something less useful than their first attempt at world harmony, but apparently this time they are going to do something unforgivable. It might just be me, but I think an Illuminati-style team would be a great fit for Strange if he had to be in a team comic. There are several Marvel characters like that who no longer fit into their traditional roles, but would be great at behind the scenes manipulations for the betterment of all humanity. Sadly, I don’t think this arc is going to be any better for Stephen Strange than the Search for the Sorcerer Supreme arc in New Avengers was. I hope I am wrong!

But enough of that. Now I have something much more important to get to, announcing the two winners of the Super Hero Squad Online game cards. Clever mathematicians out there will see that I had two cards to give away, and two entrants. That means everybody is a winner! Congratulations to Ptor of Sanctum Sanctorum Comix, and Chasdom of people who read this blog! Please head over to the comments on the contest post to see how to send me your mailing addresses and I will get those cards out to you straight away.

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3 Responses to Two men enter… two men leave?

  1. Address quickly sent.
    Thanks freely given.
    Gratitude sincerely felt.


  2. chasdom says:

    Card received! Very nice, you are a most generous man!

  3. Wonderful news! Now both the winners have received their cards and are, I hope, happy with their trinkets. Thank you both for entering, and please enjoy! I am calling this first contest a success, and might even be crazy enough to try this again with something else sometime.

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