Spell Casting, Mind Control, Spiffy Dressing

The other day the folks who run Super Hero Squad Online finally updated their page with the Dr. Strange Squaddie Bio. I had the pleasure of visiting their booth at this year’s PAX and trying out the Collectible Card game that is linked to the franchise. It is a simple game, but it is designed for younger players and should be quite entertaining for the age appropriate. This card game can be played both with virtual cards in the online game itself, and with actual physical cards with your real life friends. As part of their PAX promotions they were sending out one of their staffers to wander the showrooms to give away special promo cards on a secret rotating schedule that they were only too willing to show anybody who was looking for a specific card. Of course, once I saw that one of the limited promos was a Dr. Strange card I was looking for a specific one.

I was even able to snag a couple of extra, which are up for grabs. If you want one, a simple comment to this post stating your desire should suffice. I have two to give out, and that should cover nearly all of my readers, so your chances of winning are pretty good. I will randomly pick the winners and post it here sometime before midnight PST on Friday.

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4 Responses to Spell Casting, Mind Control, Spiffy Dressing

  1. Oh dear God, please don’t make me go to ebay for this.

  2. chasdom says:

    Lovely site, lovely card.

    I would love to have one, if you can spare one.

  3. Congratulations to both of you! I like it when everybody can win. Please send me your mailing addresses to “strange (dot) occasions [at] gmail (dot) com” Assuming I get your addresses by then I intend to ship your prizes out Monday. Thanks for entering! I hope you enjoy receiving your cards as much as I enjoyed giving them away.

  4. Many thanks to you!
    From one “Stranger” to another…
    “May your amulet never tarnish”.


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