Strange Occasions for the week of September 9th, 2010

It’s that time again true believers, polish your amulets and pull up a seat as we cover this week’s Strange Occasions.

Amazing Spider-Man #641 – This issues continues and concludes Strange’s role in the OMIT storyline. It seems to be much as I suspected last week. Strange, along with his Illuminati buddies Tony Stark and Reed Richards, concocts an arcano-techno-virus to rid the world of the memory of Spider-Man’s true identity. The plan seems to work just fine as the whole world does indeed forget about Peter Parker, but there are lots of tidbits that hint at the strong possibility that something has gone wrong. I think this whole global spell is going to come back and bite Doc in the backside, and I guess it is going to be soon. Paolo Rivera draws a really creepy Doctor Strange in these books, with pointy eyebrows and dark bags under his eyes. He looks a bit like Anthony Ainley as The Master to me, and The Master as the Doctor makes me giggle. This issue came with many variant covers, but I chose to pick up the Quesada variant because of the way it shows off the Doc’s window from within his Sanctum Sanctorum

New Avengers #4 – Being a major book in the ongoing saga of Doctor Strange, I am going to go into more detail on this on Friday. Luckily that is tomorrow! Let me tease you with this to tide you by:

Spider-Man: Fever (Trade) – The collected Spider-Man Fever was released today, and this was a story I quite enjoyed. The trade also has some bonus materials in the form of the Spider-Man Annual #2 story that involves Doctor Strange and the Wand of Watoomb, and some concept sketches by Brendan McCarthy.

Super-Hero Squad: Squad Up! (Digest) – This collection of shorts and one-panel gags that originally appeared on has a couple of appearances by Doctor Strange, including one where Strange is tasked with bringing all of his magical might to bear on the problem of changing the channel on the television. A worthy task indeed.

If you saw the Sorcerer Supreme Strange Squaddie in any other titles this week please post it in the comments and I will add it to the list. Also, keep your eyes on your RSS readers. I scored a fun bit of Doctor Strange swag this past weekend and I’m going to be giving it away sometime before next Wednesday.

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One Response to Strange Occasions for the week of September 9th, 2010

  1. I’m still trying to score the Quesada “window-variant”… not sure if I’ll have any luck, and really don’t want to pay eBay prices.

    Swag, huh? OK. I’m curious.
    I’ll keep my Eye of Agamotto peeled.
    *that…uh.. that would be an attempt of the Eye in emoticon-style. Sorta.


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