Spider-Man: Fever #3

We recently received the third and final installment of Spider-Man: Fever. Brendan McCarthy and Steve Cook finished this wonderful story with the same energy it had when it began. This is a very good thing in my opinion. I always thought it was interesting how often Doctor Strange and Spider-Man were teamed up, despite the fact that it never quite seemed intentional. Stephen Strange is kind of an eccentric gentleman who tends to live apart from the world, and Peter Parker is a regular kid who works hard just to survive while never seeming to catch a break. This is not the typical dynamic duo. Time and again, however, they seem to end up working together and this book goes a little way towards explaining that.

In this issue Spider-Man and the Sorror Fly arrive at the Termite City, and the Arachnix spirit that has been hitching a ride on Spider-Man’s soul reveals his purpose for leading him there. The Arachnix been patiently biding his time, adding the spider essence to Peter’s soul ever since that fateful bite to help him become Spider-Man and a hero to his people. All the while he has been waiting for fate to guide him back to his home dimension where we could once again be free. Now it was time for Spider-Man to repay the favor and add his essence to the Arachnix spirit’s soul so that he could become a leader to his people and champion them into a new eternity of glory. Understandably Spider-man is not happy with this, but there is nothing he can do. Fortunately this is a Doctor Strange comic, even if his name is not in the title, and Strange has already set into motion the chain of events that lead to the freeing of Spider-Man’s soul and his return to the mortal realm.

As seems to be the status quo for me it is the last panel or two that really made this a great read, and I think this excerpt speaks for itself:

Hey, look at that background! That’s original Ditko from Strange Tales #138!

I liked this comic.

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